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Girls Performing Dab Dance

Kids Dance/ Schools

The Dance Club Kilkenny provides National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA) standard dance programs in schools for kids from Infants to Sixth Class

School Supplies

Primary School Curriculum
PE - Physical Education Strand-Dance

Dance in education involves Exploration, creation and performance of dance and Understanding and appreciation of dance

The dance program we provide touches on the content of the physical education curriculum and is presented in a number of strands and strand units to assist teachers in the planning of the PE - Physical Education Strand of Dance

Not only will we provide a dance curriculum for early childhood education, primary and post-primary schools which follows the NCCA guidelines but also provide a detailed curriculum for teacher lesson planning

Dance Guidelines
PE - Physical Education

The Dance strand helps children to learn through dance and to learn about dance. Through dance, children are encouraged to improve body management skills, understand a range of movement concepts, work harmoniously with others, and develop creativity and imagination.


In exploring, creating and performing dances children come to understand that dance is a medium for the expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings. Participation in dance is appropriate for children of any age and either gender and provides many opportunities to enhance work in other subject areas within thematic work.


Teachers can provide a basic framework through which to develop a love of dance. It is important to begin the dance activities at the appropriate level. Children who have little or no dance experience have to begin at a level suitable to their needs, gradually building up skill and confidence with an experience which every child enjoys. The dance strand consists of folk and creative dance.

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